Termination notice of Talkway international telephone service, and request to change MYLINE registration


Thank you for using Talkway international telephone service. We regret to announce that the Talkway international telephone service will be terminated at February 28, 2015. With this termination, a contract for this service will also be automatically terminated on the same day.


  • International telephone service from fixed telephone line (0080/0089).
  • International telephone service from mobile phone.


If you use the MY LINE or MY LINE PLUS services and register our company, T-Systems Japan K.K. as the international telephone company under that service, please change these registrations before this service termination, if necessary. For more detail about MYLINE registration, please contact your new international telephone service company.If it is not changed by 28th of February 2015, your MY LINE’s or MY LINE PLUS’s international telephone company will be changed to not-registered status, the necessary request will be submitted by us. Even after your status changed to not-registered status you can still make international telephone call but your dialing method could change.


T-Systems Network Services Japan K.K.